We comply with regulations so you can have peace of mind in your sterile processing equipment and solutions. Please contact us for any additional information or for certificate requests. We are committed to the quality and safety of our products and processes.


Belimed certifies the quality management systems of our four development and manufacturing locations: Ballwil, Grosuplje, Mühldorf and Sulgen.

These Belimed companies appoint a “notified body” which is listed in the official journal of the European Union and is accredited by the Standards Council of Canada and in the "List of Registrars Recognized by Health Canada" to monitor the management system and to certify.

The management systems of all these locations are audited regularly by the notified bodies. We conduct internal audits to ensure compliance of our management system and products. These audits cover all safety aspects of our products such as medical device, machinery, pressure equipment and electrical safety.

Product Safety

Belimed processes ensure that we identify all safety risks and do everything necessary and possible to make our products safe. Belimed products are tested and approved by independently recognized testing laboratories for electrical safety and EMC. Independent hygiene laboratories test the cleaning and disinfecting performance of our washer-disinfectors. We re-validate our manufacturing processes regarding welding of pressure equipment yearly by an independent testing laboratory. Learn more about how Belimed is committed to quality

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