Hear first-hand from our customers how we’ve helped supply them with successful equipment solutions.
“Why did we choose Belimed? ….the top reason is that Belimed was the only team that met all the important concerns we had in our meetings. We could tell you were listening to what we needed to accomplish.”
A satisfied SPD Manager
Owensboro, Kentucky

“Although I was very much against automation based on past experience, not only does Belimed’s new WD 290 Automated Washer work perfectly, it helps my people in decontam work more efficiently.”
SPD Manager
Baltimore, Maryland  

“I’ve had this cart washer for 15 years; I see no reason to go anywhere else.”
Manager, Central Sterile Processing
Chicago, Illinois

“The technology included in these sterilizers, including the use of chilled water to cool and electric motors to produce the vacuum needed, will save us approximately 10,000,000 gallons of precious water each year.”
Tony Burt, RN, CRCST, Manager Sterile Processing, UMC
Las Vegas, Nevada

“Belimed had the technology we were looking for to transition into a first class CSP. Since we have purchased this equipment, I feel as if we and the Belimed team have more than just a business relationship...it is important to me to have a partnership with a company that truly cares for the customer as well as the product they are selling.”
CRCST, Manager, Central Sterile Processing
Baltimore, Maryland

“The washers’ track records speak for themselves. I have had nothing but stellar performance with them. I have worked with all three major vendors and have found Belimed to be the best engineered equipment. Service has been outstanding as well as their educated team of representatives. Together, these mean improved equipment uptime and processing throughput.”
Mark Duro, Manager of Central Sterile Processing Department at New England Baptist Hospital
Roxbury Crossing, Massachusetts

“Our area didn’t really expand. With the assistance of the design team, we were able to arrange the equipment to fit where we needed it to produce a circular flow. The equipment requires a smaller footstep which allowed us to utilize space we weren’t able to use before. The SPD technicians are pleased with the completion of the renovation. Aside from having a beautiful department, the staff loves having the extra equipment that is easy to use. The morale has gone up and they are working better together as a team. It’s really just a blessing. I can talk positively all day about this project. We celebrated when it was completed. The staff loves it.”
Jancy Varkony, RN, Unit Director of Sterile Processing, UNM Hospital
Albuquerque, New Mexico

“We are very pleased with the service from Belimed and our service technician. He is very helpful and informative. I wish some of our other vendors were as prompt and professional.”
VA Puget Sound Healthcare Center
Seattle, Washington

“We have always been extremely satisfied with the service provided by the repair people from Belimed. You have an excellent, knowledgeable crew.”
Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Eight years ago, we bought a Belimed WD 250 washer/disinfector that was the first washer/disinfector in our hospital. It runs ten cycles every day and has few problems, which contributed to our purchase of 6 WD 290 washer/disinfectors this year (2013).”
Head nurse of CSSD of Wuhan Union Hospital
Hubei, China

“We are the first hospital in Asia that installed Belimed loading and unloading system for washer/disinfectors. It has improved that the more workload we have, the more help the system offers us. Our choice of Belimed is correct!”
Dean of CSSD of Shanghai Changhai Hospital
Shanghai, China

“We have Belimed WD 290, 390, 750 washer/disinfectors and MST – H 9-6-18 sterilizers, which have greatly improved our work efficiency. Belimed also especially had a 3D video designed for us. Now we can show our workflow to the visitors visually. Thankful to Belimed.”
 Head nurse of CSSD of Hefei Binhu Hospital
Anhui, China

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