End products

You need cleaning and sterilization systems of the highest quality which meet the strict requirements in pharmaceutical production. Belimed specialists address the requirements and challenges in detail so that the selected cleaning device reliably removes residues, frees the products from any viable microorganisms, and transfers them in sterile condition to the next process.


If your finished product has special heat sensitivities, you know the importance of precise sterilization times. To meet your unique needs and challenges, Belimed partners with customers like you for consultation, planning, design and implementation of our world-class sterilizers, so you can be sure sensitive materials are not damaged during the process. Plus, support pressure in our expertly-engineered sterilizers means you won’t have to worry about glass bursting due to pressure differences.   

When it comes to sterilizing syringes, the importance of proper positioning for optimal airflow cannot be overstated. Using your parameters – size, sterilization times, cooling times – we’ll design and build a custom product and process to meet your needs, giving you ultimate confidence in your end product.

Porous Goods

If you sterilize porous goods, you want to be confident that products like filter membranes and wrapped components are completely penetrated with proper heat distribution for consistent results. With Belimed’s PST line of autoclaves, you get a flexible, customized solution for your textile sterilization requirements. All parameters, including sterilization time and temperature, drying time, vacuum pulses, pulse amplitudes, pressure change rates and tolerance bands are adjusted for your needs, and since our GMP-compliant sterilizers are expertly engineered with the highest-quality materials, you’ll have complete confidence in your reprocessed porous goods.


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