Processing of tableting equipment

After every batch of tablets, all components of the tablet presses, rotors, punches and dies, must be thoroughly cleaned, right down to every opening and gap. The residues from active substances and excipients compacted under pressure can often only be detached using direct overflow with the right detergent. Through the automatic dosing of preservatives, the valuable machine parts can be protected from corrosion and prepared for further use or storage.

Belimed’s specially developed load carriers for punches, dies and rotors ensure that even the heavy rotors can be easily transported from the press to the washing system. All parts are optimally positioned in the washing system for thorough cleaning. This ensures reliable and reproducible cleaning.

Long validation times and a delayed start of production can involve enormous additional costs. For all products, Belimed provides comprehensive documentation and qualification documents accepted worldwide by authorities to make fast validation and commissioning possible.


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