BST 6060

Large- and small-volume parenteral solutions (SVP or LVP) in glass bottles, pouches, syringes, bottles and vials are sterilized using the steam / air mixture process (BST 6060). This process is optimally designed for homogenous temperature distribution and the high-performance steam / air distribution guarantees short heating and cooling times. 

  • Short batch times through advanced process control, independent of a partial or full load
  • Low product stress through real-time support pressure regulation
  • Uniform temperature distribution thanks to flow-optimized circulation of the steam / air mixture
  • B-Touch, market-leading human / machine operation
  • Graphical user interface with innovative two-click philosophy
  • The process is always in the field of view thanks to the B-informed visual color-coding system
  • Modular process programming for maximum flexibility
  • Sterilization optionally according to time or F0
  • Hygienic design which meets ASME-BPE and USP class VI requirements
  • Self-draining chamber and pipe system design
  • Hermetically sealed ventilator drive
  • Batch cart with trays that can be individually positioned
  • Transport cart for easy transport of products outside of the sterilizer
  • Loading cart for floor-level loading of the sterilizer
  • Integrated pull-out trays (partial or full pull-out
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