BST 6080

Large-volume parenteral solutions (LVP) in hermetically sealed containers are preferably sterilized with the hot water irrigation process (PST 6080). High production capacities are made possible through the high-performance water circulation with very homogeneous temperature distribution. The latest process technology and Belimed’s many years of experience, combined with precise pressure and temperature regulation, ensure safe and gentle product sterilization.

  • Short batch times with uniform temperature distribution through homogeneous irrigation and optimally designed circulation pump and heat exchanger
  • Low product stress through real-time support pressure regulation
  • Sterilization optionally according to time or F0
  • Hygienic design which meets ASME-BPE and USP class VI requirements
  • Self-draining chamber and pipe system design
  • Batch cart with trays that can be individually positioned
  • Transport cart for easy transport of products outside of the sterilizer
  • Loading cart for floor-level loading of the sterilizer
  • Connection to upstream or downstream logistics systems
  • Combination with steam / air mixture or saturated steam sterilization
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