PST steam-air mixture sterilizer (6060)

The PST 6060 sterilizers were developed for liquids in closed or open containers with a mixture of steam and air. Typical applications are large or small volume parenteral packed in glass bottles, bags, syringes, vials and ampoules. The mixture is vertically or horizontally circulated in the chamber using fans. This guarantees quick heating and cooling, and optimum temperature distribution.
  • Gentle treatment because of an intelligent process control system
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution and short cycle time thanks to an optimal ventilation concept
  • Saturated steam process for solid goods already on board
  • Time or F0 based sterilization
  • Hermetically sealed fan for high level requirements
  • Dry products after sterilization, ready to ship
  • Batch carts with easy adjustable shelves
  • Transport trolley for easy moving the products
  • Optimized loading systems for homogeneous temperature distribution and faster drying
  • Additional methods and batch protocol opportunities
  • Connection to MES/ SCADA Systems
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