PST steam sterilizer (6050)

The PST 6050 sterilizers are designed for the sterilization of solid and porous products like filters, sealings, empty containers, textiles and clothing, rubber stoppers, machine and system components. Swiss made, high-quality materials, first-rate components from renowned manufacturers, a cGMP-compliant design and production guarantee processes which are reliable and reproducible.
  • Extreme process reliability
  • User-friendly HMI
  • Parameters could be easy adjusted for perfect compliance with various customer requirements
  • Efficient drying based on a high performance vacuum system
  • Minimal media consumption
  • Batch carts with adjustable shelves
  • Transport trolley for easy moving the products outside of the sterilizer
  • Connection to MES/ SCADA Systems
  • Additional method jacket cooling for faster process time at liquid sterilization
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