PH 820.2 / PH 840.2 / PH 860.2

The cleaning systems PH 820.2, 840.2 and 860.2 were developed especially for pharmaceutical processes and offer different chamber volumes and loading capacities. They are characterized through uncompromising hygienic design, low media consumption and very easy operation.

With regard to delicate items to be washed and the strict requirements on the degree of cleanliness to be reached, particular focus was placed during development on the coordination of water pressure and flow rate distribution.

  • The construction of the wash chambers with round corners without dead spaces and gaps prevents the accumulation of dirt from the cleaning processes in the machine and enables optimal cleaning.
  • The flexible dosing enables subsequent adjustment of the dosing.
  • Fully GMP-compliant cleaning system with GMP, GAMP and FDA approval
  • 21-CFR Part 11 compliance
  • Drying via sterile filter
  • DF rinse
  • Perfectly sealing, patented connection coupling guarantees leak-free supply to the cleaning system at a constant pressure and thus shorter cleaning times with a higher washing nozzle pressure.
  • Separation of clean and unclean areas by means of a gas-tight wall
  • Self-draining pump housing without additional valves or pumps
  • Vertical or horizontal sliding glass doors with inflatable seals and a contamination-free electrical linear or friction wheel drive
  • Load carrier for laboratory glassware
  • Load carrier for infusion and injection bottles
  • Load carrier for drums, canisters and other containers
  • Universal cart for interchangeable systems
  • Load carrier for tubes
  • Load carrier for machine parts
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