PH 880.2

The PH 880.2 is designed as a cleaning system for containers, drums, pallets and other large vessels. The tailored operational sequences for professional pharmaceutical processes ensure and  efficient throughput of oversized items.

  • Flexible loading systems
  • External cleaning by means of rotating spray arms
  • Container internal cleaning by means of a high-performance self-rotating spray nozzle
  • Internal cleaning of hollow bodies (e.g., drums) by direct injection via the loading rack
  • High-efficiency, patented connection coupling for leak-free and constant pressure supply
  • Gears for automatic loading and unloading outside the chamber
  • All product-contacted surfaces (chamber ceiling, chamber floor and piping) are sloping and crevice free
  • Containers
  • Rack for drums and other large components
  • Racks for machine parts
  • Racks for pallets
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