da Vinci® Instruments

Central sterile supply departments tasked with reprocessing da Vinci® Robotic System Endo Wrist instruments can be confident that their instruments reach a high-quality clean with the Belimed WD 290 washer-disinfector


• Secure system approved by Intuitive Surgical, manufacturer of da Vinci robotic systems 
• Validated processing method
• Economic solution with minimal investment needed to add to your current cleaning system.
• Modular system uses racks for transport and cleaning for ease-of-use
• Fast and efficient system can process 12 da Vinci instruments per cycle

About da Vinci

Intuitive Surgical’s da Vinci system is a mature robotic platform designed to extend surgeons’ capabilities with a high-resolution 3D camera and miniature instruments. Because of the instrument’s complex design, the nurses who will handle the instrument must be well educated by Belimed. With quality engineered washer-disinfectors from Belimed and specially designed racks, you’ll know the instruments that come through your SPD are consistently and completely cleaned and ready to be returned to surgery.

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