Because of their complex design, washing and sterilizing endoscopes can present challenges for CSSD managers. You need flexible options specially designed for these tools to ensure immaculate disinfection. Belimed’s highly efficient washer-disinfectors and low-temperature sterilizers provide a quality clean you can trust.
Endoscopes, with their intricate designs and delicate materials, are difficult to wash and easy to damage. Belimed’s innovative sterile processing solutions take into account the moving parts, narrow channels and tiny crevices of these instruments and are designed to provide superior cleaning and sterilization results.

To ensure no blood or tissue remains in unseen channels and that the instruments are not destroyed in the process, Belimed washers and sterilizers include low-temperature cycles and special designs for optimized cleaning to support infection prevention and patient safety measures. Our special washing racks are designed for flexible endoscopes and rigid endoscopes. Each channel is individually cleaned and disinfected by the Belimed Channel rinsing system. Essential program data is monitored and recorded by a printer and integrated as standard.

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