Minimally Invasive Instruments

Steam sterilizers and specialty racks in our flexible range of washers-disinfectors ensure your minimally invasive instruments are handled with care and expertly reprocessed. With our customized equipment solutions, you can have complete confidence in your ability to contribute to infection prevention and ensure patient safety.
Rigid scopes and accessories are a significant investment for many healthcare facilities. Our WD 250 and WD 290 washer-disinfectors include special racks to safely accommodate your instruments for a complete clean. After washing, Belimed’s entire line of sterilizers can be used to efficiently complete the process and send optimally sterilized instruments back to the operating room.

Belimed does more than just provide sterile processing equipment for your minimally invasive instruments. We’ll work with you to determine your needs and help you select not only the perfect products, but design the ideal workflow so operating rooms won’t be left waiting for reprocessed instruments.

Belimed equipment can also process a second set of flexible scopes which are used in the OR and require sterilization. These require washing in special washers (endoscopy) or are hand washed and sterilized using low temp sterilization.

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