Central Sterile Services Department

A hospital’s central sterile services department (CSSD) is the hub of an effective infection control team. Equipment and services from Belimed enable customers with unique needs and challenges to confidently and efficiently deliver reprocessed medical instruments to the operating room while reducing space requirements and operational costs – resulting in optimized workflow and improved patient safety. 

Decontamination Zone

Instruments come to you in the decontamination zone to be disassembled, sorted, manually pre-cleaned, washed in a sonic and readied to be sent through a washer-disinfector. You need to know each instrument you process is clean and free of proteins so it is safe to handle and ready for sterilization.

Belimed’s commitment to quality and engineering excellence translates into consistently superior cleaning results and an efficient workflow. A soaking, penetrating wash, combined with disinfection A0 3000 means you can be confident in your decontamination department.

Clean Zone

In the clean zone, you’re busy sorting medical instruments into component sets, where they are then inspected them, set aside for maintenance or repair, reassembled and wrapped for terminal sterilization in a steam or low-temperature sterilizer. For the smartest use of space and to ensure operational efficiency, steam sterilizers from Belimed are available in a variety of space efficient horizontal and vertical sizes. Each model comes with the same high level of quality and unsurpassed resource efficiency by providing the ability to connect to your facility’s chilled water system. 

Sterile Zone

After sterilization, packaged instruments and instrument sets are ready for storage in the sterile zone. This is a critical part of the process because of the time and manpower spent to get to this point. The highly efficient drying technology of Belimed sterilizers eliminates the inefficient practice of door cracking to dry sets.
Racked sets are available for clinicians to pull for inclusion in a case cart to be transported back to the operating room.

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