Carriage Loading Steam Sterilizer

Equipped with innovative process technology and a long-lasting chamber, our easy-to-maintain MST-H steam sterilizers with horizontal sliding doors achieve high throughput, resource efficiency and cost effectiveness. They cover a wide range of needs with chamber volumes from 740-1425 liters and 9-18 sterilization units. The sterilizers fulfill or surpass world’s most stringent directives and standards.


 Brochure MST-H 10.02 EN (5.0 MB PDF)

 Brochure Transportsystem TS 16 EN (5.08 MB PDF)

 Brochure Steamgenerator ELD EN (5.08 MB PDF)

  • Advanced process technology for reduced water consumption and fast cycles
  • Extended door seal life systems due to high precision milled sealing slot
  • Low-noise vacuum pump, integrated steam generator, and stainless steel piping with minimal flange connections
  • Easy and large-area service access
  • wide variety of options such as external vacuum pump, integrated Bowie-Dick test and a steam switch-over for high flexibility
  • Patented status display with LED technology allowing visibility from afar
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