DDA 7 Steam Disinfection System

The DDA7 steam disinfection unit provides professional, cost-effective bed reprocessing for enhanced patient safety. The Disinfector eliminates laborious hand cleaning of hospital bed mattresses by processing up to 7 bed sets simultaneously. Precise measuring, control and process technology ensure fast, effective processing times.
• Clear menu navigation with user interface in common languages
• Automatic, horizontal sliding doors
• Robert Koch Institute (RKI) listed disinfection process
• Comprehensive loading pallet handles even large loads
• Quicker and more effective than manual cleaning
• Loading trolley
• Electrically heated steam generator
• Steam-to-steam converter
• Pit pan
• Loading and removal access ramps
• Pipe disconnector, Class 3, in accordance with DIN 1988, Part 4
• Connection to cooling water circuit
• Supplementary equipment C for disinfection of infectious waste
• External installation of the electric steam generator ELD
• 2-channel line recorder
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