WD 200

Space-saving, fast, reliable and easy to operate, the Belimed WD 200 washer-disinfector with manual hinged glass doors offers excellent cost-performance ratio. Our smallest unit of the category, with no lateral maintenance room needed, processes 12 DIN trays. The low-consumption, high-quality design of the washing chamber and components promote resource efficiency and consistent results.
  • Status display with LED technology, visible from a distance
  • Thermal disinfection by A0 3000/600 concept
  • 3 dosing units with empty level control – upgradeable to up to 5
  • Heavy duty drying unit by 2 high performance turbines and HEPA filter
  • Pump pressure monitoring
  • Instrument racks
  • Instrument trays
  • ENT racks
  • Ergonomic transport carts

EN ISO 15883-1, -2

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