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Marketing Department of Belimed China
The training of engineers from the distributor companies in APAC was held in Shanghai, China on October 4. Mr. Xu Weixiong, Director of the Education and Training department of Belimed China, warmly welcomed the nine engineers from Japan, South Korea, Singapore and other countries to the training, which was organized for service staff to learn more about new products and enhance their maintenance skills needed in their daily work. This was the first time that the engineers were systematically trained together as a group since the Belimed APAC team was established.
The training day was divided into two parts. Based on the APAC market, Mr. Xu, who was responsible for the training, first reviewed the WD series products, including the newly launched WD 200, WD 290 and the endoscopy washers WD 425 and WD 430. He explained the functions, features, and advantages to the engineers, providing them with a better understanding of the devices. He then explained the whole washing process and pointed out four musts: 1. The parameters of  the washing processes must be well adjusted. 2. The proper detergents must be added at the proper stage. 3. The appropriate water must be used to fulfill the requirements. 4. The washing racks must be loaded correctly.

The positive feedback from the participants demonstrates that hands-on trainings are a successful way to improve the knowledge and skills of service staff. For example Mr. Lee Siang Peng, an engineer from Singapore, described the training in this way: “It’s good. Face-to-face explanation and practice help me to fully understand the issues. I hope this kind of training will be held every year and my colleagues can also have the chance to attend it.” Or Mr. Masakazu
Yokoyama, Technical Director from Japan, said: “We have never attended such kind of technical training by Belimed before so we just wanted to come and see. Now we absolutely think – it’s well done! We look forward to such trainings when the WD 425 is launche in Japan.”
The idea of this training was put forward by Mr. Liu Xuan, VP of Belimed APAC, conducted by the Education and Training department of Belimed China and strongly supported by the Marketing and Operations department of Belimed China. It aimed to improve the engineers’ maintenance skills, so in future they can offer better services to the local customers and improve the Belimed brand image, as well as reduce the maintenance operation costs.
After the 3-day training in Shanghai, on October 7, the training was relocated to Hefei.

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