Belimed China Took Part in 71st CMEF

On April 17, Belimed China took part in the 71st China International Medical Equipment Fair (shortened as 71st CMEF below) which was held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center. The newest washer/disinfectors, sterilizer, ICS PLUS and consumables were displayed. Through this exhibition, Belimed China showed its steely determination to enlarge and strengthen the Belimed brand in Chinese market. Liu Xuan, GM of Belimed China, participated in the Fair together with the sales and marketing teams. 
The exhibited washer/disinfectors were very typical. WD 290 is the first choice for large CSSD. Not only can it reprocess medical instruments of 15 DIN trays, but also be compatible with the racks of WD 390 which is really cost saving. The design of WD 200 applies to the secondary market. With the width of 0.68 m, it’s capable of handling 12 DIN trays per cycle. WD 425 is versatile which can treat flexible endoscopes, rigid endoscopes and medical instruments. Many professional visitors were attracted by its features. Though these washer/disinfectors were of different models, the innovative design and advanced production craft passed this information on to the visitors, namely Swiss quality.
As the partners of Equipment, the consumables were obviously of diversification of varieties at this Fair. Besides traditional detergents and disinfectants, all sizes of colored containers made in Germany occupied the glass showcase only leaving a corner for spray guns and TOCI indicators. However, the crinkled paper and non-woven cloth for CSSD from France lay on the stainless steel display racks, catching the eye of visitors from all over the country. 
Since 2007 when Belimed Medical Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd was founded, it has been the 6th time that Belimed China took part in CMEF. At the very beginning, Belimed China only had a general agent to distribute the products. Now it has based in Shanghai with 4 technical service centers in Guangzhou, Sichuan, Chongqing and Beijing and with the annual sales revenue over 100 million RMB. With the headquarters’ strong support, Belimed China aimed at taking more and more shares at Chinese market.
The 71st CMEF focused on “Innovative Technology and Intelligence Healthcare”. It covered an area of 130,000 square meters with the booths of over 6,000. More than 2,800 companies from all over the world participated in the Fair. It finished on April 20.
Next year, the 73rd CMEF will be held in Shanghai. Belimed plans to attend it due to the successful exhibition this year.    

Picture 1 business negotiation on the 2nd floor

Picture 2 introduction to WD 290 to visitors

Picture 3 introduction to WD 200 to visitors

Picture 4 introduction to WD 425 to visitors

Picture 5 group photo of Belimed China

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