Partnership with Amity International and Product Launch of Belimed Protect™ PAA15

Belimed AG is pleased to announce a partnership with Amity International. Amity is a speciality chemical manufacturer located in the United Kingdom and the USA with an excellent reputation for product innovation in the healthcare, aerospace, food, and industrial sectors.

This collaboration enables Belimed to extend its range of cleaning chemistry to its customers around the globe, with the focus to supply innovative and sustainable solutions for cleaning, disinfection and sterilization.

The first product we will release is Belimed Protect™ PAA15 which is manufactured by Amity itself. “We are now able to offer even more solutions to our customers which are fully validated on our complete range of Belimed washer disinfectors,” states Christian Garbin, Head of Market Consumables. “This will help them to confidently maintain staff and patient safety on the highest level.”


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