In 1990, Belimed AG was founded as a joint venture between Belinox, a company with a long history of fine craftsmanship, precision engineering and stainless steel products, and Gehrig AG, a producer of high-quality dishwashers for restaurants and hotels. 

The vision of the Swiss founders of Belimed was to combine the world-class stainless steel workmanship of Belinox with the washer engineering know-how of Gehrig to deliver innovative new products for the medical industry. Through a series of acquisitions, Belimed’s product portfolio expanded into the reliable, robust, customer-centric collection of washer-disinfectors, sterilizers and sterile processing equipment and expert service and support to back up all of our product solutions.

Belimed has grown to be a global provider of sterile processing equipment with distribution in over 80 countries worldwide.



2016: Transfer of the Belimed Academy to HQ Zug
2015: Transfer to the new HQ in Zug
2012: Completed the addition of a new manufacturing facility located in Slovenia
2009: Acquisition of Sanamij B.V., and Sanamij Budapest Kft.
2007: Acquisition of Assistance Technique Para Medicale (France); Belimed Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. (Shanghai) established
2005: Acquisition of Schaerer Mayfield Schweiz AG’s infection control division
2004: Belimed Limited (United Kingdom) established
2001: Belimed SAS (France) established
2000: Acquisition of Bisaco SA (Belgium); new market entry under the uniform Belimed brand
1999: Acquisition of the Sauter group, the Center of Competence for sterilization
1997: Acquisition of Netzsch-Newamatic GmbH (Germany and Slovenia) and Avenatech Inc. (USA)
1995: Kleindienst-Belimed GmbH (Germany) established
1993: Entry into the development and production of cleaning equipment for the pharmaceutical industry
1990: Belimed AG (Switzerland) and Belimed GmbH (Austria) established. The product range expands to include cleaning and disinfection machines for flexible endoscopes.
1977: Delivery of the first steam sterilizer by Sauter AG, also acquired by Belimed in the late 1990s
1968: Delivery of the first automated washing machine for laboratory glass by Netzsch Newamatic GmbH, acquired by Belimed in the late 1990s

Belimed's Impact:
Water Savings

Water saved by Belimed sterilizers in the U.S. since 2007:

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