CS 750 Steam

The CS 750 Cart Washer is designed to effectively, and quickly, wash and dry case carts, containers, basins and utensils while using minimal water. The CS 750 is available in various chamber lengths to fit capacity and throughput needs of any SPD. Additionally, left or right chamber configurations are available for maximum flexibility with layouts for renovation or new construction. All models have automated dual doors. Complete 8 minute cycle time including complete dry to eliminate the need for time consuming hand drying. All models feature vented exhaust to reduce heat and humidity emissions back to the SPD. 

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Chamber size:39"W x 79"H x 53"L

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Chamber size:39"W x 79"H x 91"L

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Chamber size:39"W x 79"H x 116"L

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Belimed's Impact:
Water Savings

Water saved by Belimed sterilizers in the U.S. since 2007:

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