End products

You need cleaning and sterilization systems of the highest quality which meet the strict requirements in pharmaceutical production. Belimed specialists address the requirements and challenges in detail so that the selected cleaning device reliably removes residues, frees the products from any viable microorganisms, and transfers them in sterile condition to the next process.

Parenteral solutions (LVP, SVP)

If your end product is particularly heat-sensitive, you know about the importance of precise sterilization times and temperatures. To meet your individual requirements, Belimed works closely together with you in the consultation, planning, construction and installation of its top-class sterilizers. You can therefore be sure that the sterilization procedure will not damage sensitive materials. Moreover, the support pressure in our thoughtfully designed sterilizers ensures that there will not be any glass breakage or permanent deformation.

In the sterilization of syringes and vials, the correct position is of particular importance in order to achieve optimal air flow. Based on our many years of experience, we develop and produce a customized system with a corresponding process which precisely meets your needs and thus guarantees that you can fully rely on the sterility of your end products. 


Full steam penetration is essential in the sterilization of clothing in order to achieve consistent results. With the Belimed autoclaves from the BST series, you get a flexible, adapted solution for your textile sterilization needs. All parameters, including sterilization duration and temperature, drying time, vacuum pulses, pulse amplitudes, pressure change rates and tolerance ranges, are adapted to your requirements. Since our GMP-compliant sterilizers are professionally manufactured from high-quality materials, you can completely count on sterility.

Long validation times and a delayed start of production can involve enormous additional costs. For all products, Belimed provides comprehensive documentation and qualification documents accepted worldwide by authorities to make fast validation and commissioning possible.


Belimed's Impact:
Water Savings

Water saved by Belimed sterilizers in the U.S. since 2007:

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