PH 880.2

The PH 880.2 is designed as a cleaning system for drums, containers, pallets and other large-format containers. The customized system for professional pharmaceutical processes ensures efficient cleaning of oversized objects.

  • Flexible loading system
  • External cleaning of items to be washed by means of rotating spray arms
  • Internal cleaning of containers through a high-performance, self-rotating spray nozzle
  • Internal cleaning of hollow objects (such as drums) using a direct injection system via the load carrier
  • High-efficiency patented connection coupling for watertight and constant-pressure media supply
  • Drive for automatic loading and unloading outside of the chamber
  • All surfaces which come into contact with product (roof and floor of the chambers, pipes) have an incline and are free of gaps.
  • Containers
  • Rack for drums and other large components
  • Racks for machine parts
  • Racks for pallets


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