PH 810

The PH 810 is the most compact pharmaceutical cleaning system of its class. It is designed to clean smaller pharma-specific pieces of equipment and glassware and is particularly suited for pharmaceutical production, research laboratories and pharmacies with high quality standards regarding the cleaning result and cost-effectiveness.

  • 100 cm width with a total height of 210 cm, sliding glass doors which open downwards
  • The pulsed DF rinse minimizes the consumption of costly purified water and relativizes the necessary connected load.
  • The water connections work with the DF process, that is, coarse soiling contamination can be conducted out of the chamber even during precleaning.
  • The gravimetric dosing system (GDS) works according to the principle of weighing technology to enable precise dosing.
  • The efficient drying system includes an H13 prefilter, fan, heating element and, as a final element, an H13 HEPA filter in the airflow.
  • Load carrier for glass laboratory bottles
  • Laboratory load carrier with interchangeable systems (universal application)
  • Load carrier for tubes
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