The LST-V sets standards in terms of ease of operation, innovation, versatility and small footprint while meeting all safety categories (bio-safety level) from BSL1 to BSL4 and conforms to the device groups A, B, C, D1, D2 and E1 classified in DIN 58951-2.
  • GLP-compliant processes
  • Excellent useable space to required space ratio (1 m2 footprint for 6-6-6 chamber size)
  • Can be fully validated
  • Easy maintenance, all components accessible from the front
  • Method for liquid sterilization on board
  • Chamber sizes from 300 to 870 liters
  • Single or double door
  • Batch cart’s with easy usable adjustable shelves
  • Transport trolley for easy moving the products
  • Paperless batch protocol documentation system
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