WD 250

The well-engineered WD 250 washer-disinfector with automatic vertical sliding glass doors efficiently processes laboratory devices with its unique high-volume, low-pressure water circulation system. The conductivity control, a specific feature used in laboratories for the final rinsing step, provides maximum process security.
  • Excellent wash results due to pump pressure monitoring with foam control and optional conductivity control for the final rinsing step
  • Up to 20% resources savings thanks to dynamic filling, which adjusts level of water and chemistries to the effective load
  • Stores up to 12 wash programs
  • Electrically-heated wash chamber (18 kW), powerful drying system and RO water pre-heating ensure fast cycle times
  • Easy to clean chamber wash-arms with removable end-caps and clear and user friendly interface with touch sensitive controls and unique status display
  • High capacity on small footprint;  only 90 cm width and front direct service access adjusts easily to any space constraints
By combining one or two level-basic racks with inserts and holders, all common laboratory devices can be properly positioned to enable unobjectionable cleaning.
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