Medical Applications

Medical facilities need to be completely confident in their sterile processing department’s ability to wash, disinfect and sterilize a breadth of specialized instruments and equipment.
This ability is the most important pillar of a successful infection control program. And Belimed is proud to offer a range of equipment and workflow solutions that allow you to focus on your patient safety goals. We’ll take care of the medical instrument sterilization. We meet all applicable specifications and standards and offer the technical service and support to back up our high-quality reprocessing equipment.

Explore a few common applications where our products are used.

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Protect your facility’s instrument investments with precision washing and sterilization from Belimed.

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Belimed offers a range of ultrasonic based solutions for manual cleaning of Intuitive Surgical da Vinci instruments

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Flawlessly washing and sterilizing surgical instruments is a critical component of infection prevention programs.

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For medical equipment like containers and basins, our flexible range of washers and sterilizers provide a superior clean.

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Belimed's Impact:
Water Savings

Water saved by Belimed sterilizers in the U.S. since 2007:

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