WD 290 IQ

The WD 290 IQ is ideal for your large SPD, where consistent performance, high throughput, efficiency and tailored automation solutions will enable your department to meet the increasing processing and productivity demands of today and the future. As with its siblings, the WD 250 and WD 200, a high volume water flow, with lower pressure, provides a better way to clean while using very little water and resources.

  • Two large, intuitive, 10.4” touchscreens for independent operation and interface
  • Patented process display gives a quick visible cycle status
  • Rack program recognition starts cycle automatically
  • LED illuminated chamber
  • Optional storage tank cuts water by 20%
  • Reduced water use by setting a customized fill level for each cycle process step
  • Sump engineered for faster heating and lower water use
  • Up to 100 programmed cycles
  • On board storage for at least 1000 cycles and event data
  • Integrated alert and error analysis aids service troubleshooting
  • Up to 3 trays per rack level
  • Multi-level instrument racks
  • Container rack
  • MIS Instrument Rack
  • Automation Options

EN ISO 15883-1, -2 UL Listed

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