Single Chamber Wash/Rinse

The high-capacity 565 PLUS ultrasonic wash/rinse machine, combining effective cleaning, clinician-friendly design, and advanced MIS & robotic processing features.


  • Large 30" interior tray clearance, ideal for bariatric and robotic instruments
  • Dual-stacked tray capacity, with 70lb max load, for cleaning the maximum weight, 25 lb trays
  • Standard 20 position cannulated/robotic instrument pulsed flush irrigation system for wash and rinse
  • Safety glass lid allows user to see that instruments are submerged
  • Two password protected access levels – Manager and Service
  • Accurate, repeatable flow meter dosing of detergent, with filter
  • Visual detergent level indicator on display with reset
  • Integrated water mixing valve ensures accurate tank water temperature
  • Set cycle tank temperature from display
  • Electronic water level sensors, with three levels
  • Reliable brazed ultrasonic piezo drivers
  • DI rinse system
  • External liquid level sensors
  • Integrated chamber drain pump for wall drain
  • Standard, cannulated irrigation, and DaVinci Endowrist trays
  • Connection tubing options


Belimed's Impact:
Water Savings

Water saved by Belimed sterilizers in the U.S. since 2007:

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