Belimed simplifies SPD Planning and Design for EquipmentPlanners and Architects

Belimed simplifies SPD Planning and Design for EquipmentPlanners and Architects with the release of new drop-in tools now available through Attainia's Supplier Room Templates.

Belimed Inc.’s Project Planning Group has created the SPDesign PRO™ ToolBox, a library of evidence based design templates for the CSSD.  Attania users can instantly drop-in their SPD design layout of choice into sterile processing spaces of varying sizes within the hospital, for facilities with anywhere from 5 to over 35 Operating Rooms.  Attainia customers will have the added confidence of knowing their design is backed by proven, evidence based data.

September 19, 2012 (Charleston, SC), Belimed Inc. ( is excited to announce the launch of SPDesign PRO™ ToolBox, Sterile Processing Department design templates in a variety of OR sizes for reference to the architectural community.  These simple to use guides will be powerful tools for design teams working on new hospitals or large renovation projects.  It provides the capability to instantly populate equipment lists and budgets with the flexibility to change space allocation and workflow to suit their customers’ unique requirements.  

Industry tools at work

Belimed SPDesign PRO™ layouts are based on real world data and feature analyses for staff movement, instrument work flow, and space allocation, as well as equipment specificiations and details for most fixed equipment in the instrument reprocessing area.

By working with Belimed, Attainia provides access to these tools that can help reduce the time to decision on SPD design. By collaborating with Attainia, Belimed utilizes industry standard software including Revit and AutoCAD and all layouts are provided in Revit including the equipment families for all products. This collaboration results in greatly reduced resources invested in projects, providing a valuable resource to our design professionals in the healthcare community.

Belimed has brought over 40 years of experience in industry leading technology to the healthcare design community through their in-house Project Planning Group (PPG). The PPG uses design benchmarking and evidence based design theory in all of their work including these design templates. Belimed provides proven designs with the most efficient use of valuable square footage and resource efficiency in mind.

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