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To which hygiene measures does Belimed Inc. instruct its employees?
Employees of Belimed Inc. are required to ensure comprehensive hand hygiene with viricidal disinfectants, to keep their distance from other people and to observe the coughing and sneezing instructions of the national and local health authori-ties. Furthermore, all employees are urged to place themselves in self-quarantine and to refrain from a physical office presence, even if the symptoms of the disease are mild, in accordance with the instructions of the national and local health authorities. Employees with symptoms of illness are not deployed at Belimed Inc.
I have arranged an appointment with the Belimed Inc. service technician – does this take place regularly?
Belimed Inc. follows the recommendations of national and local health authorities, which can reduce the risk of an employee with symptoms being on duty. Belimed Inc. ensures that agreed appointments can take place by providing reliable customer service. However, in accordance with the recommendations of the national and local health authorities, employees are advised to refrain from shaking hands and close physical contact. If a customer does not wish to make use of the appoint-ment due to the current situation, Belimed Inc. will be happy to offer an alternative appointment.
What is the current availability of spare parts and consumables for my Belimed Washer or sterilizer?
The logistics management of Belimed Inc. ensures that the availability of spare parts can be ensured over a longer period of time. Belimed Inc. will inform the customer in good time if there are any availability problems.
I have been tested positive for the corona virus or am in official quarantine. My washer or sterilizer has failed. What now?
The health of the employees has top priority for Belimed Inc. At the same time, it is important to be able to offer a reliable service even in this outstanding situation. In the event of illness, Belimed Inc. asks its customers for trusting openness and transparency – only in this way is it possible to find an individual solution for the customer and at the same time provide the best possible protection for Belimed Inc. employees.


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