Service and Maintenance Plans

Belimed service is built to provide rapid, expert service and technical support. Select your package based on your requirements and expectations, and then rest assured that you’re getting the support you need to keep both your equipment and your department running smoothly. 

Prevention Is Better Than Cure
With Belimed Prevent™, healthcare facilities are able to optimize the operational and financial performance of their Sterile Processing Departments (SPDs).  Designed to create real value over the life cycle of equipment used in sterile processing departments, Belimed Prevent service packages comprehensively cover customer needs for preventative maintenance (PM) visits, repairs and parts, additional services and equipment lifecycle management.
Prevent machine downtime 
Receive scheduled PMs and on-site support from a Belimed technician to keep your machines and SPD operations running smoothly.
Prevent unexpected costs 
Create financial transparency and prevent maintenance cost increases with Belimed’s unique Total Cost of Ownership service contracts.
Prevent machine obsolescence effects 
Determine the optimal time to upgrade your equipment to optimize your machines’ Total Cost of Ownership.
Three Maintenance Plans
PREMIUM | Full-Service Plan 
Designed for machines with high machine operation levels and critical uptime requirements. Belimed Prevent Premium provides a tailored schedule of PM visits, parts, and repairs from Belimed techs. On-call technicians service your machines with guaranteed response times.
STANDARD | Cycle-Based Preventative Maintenance Plan 
Designed for machines with medium-to-high machine operation. Belimed Prevent Standard provides preventative maintenance according to actual machine usage (cycles), in compliance with AAMI guidelines for maintenance.
ECO | Annual Preventative Maintenance Plan
Designed for machines with low-to-medium operation levels. Belimed Prevent Economy provides an annual preventative maintenance visit.  Additional services available on a fee for use basis from our expert technicians.

Belimed's Impact:
Water Savings

Water saved by Belimed sterilizers in the U.S. since 2007:

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