Whether you have precise specifications for the equipment you need or are starting with a list of items you need to wash and sterilize, Belimed has a diverse range of solutions you can trust to get the job done.
Find the cGMP-compliant washer or sterilizer that meets your need, or begin by exploring a few of the pharmaceutical biotechnology applications where our equipment is most used, such as final pharmaceutical or biotechnology products and material handling equipment. Whatever your approach, we offer consultation, planning and design implementation and technical support for customized products and processes to help you ensure safety and optimize workflow in your plant or lab. As a global leader in sterile and washing processing solutions, we meet cGMP, GAMP, FDA and EU regulations, so you get high-quality, high-value solutions for a clean you can be confident in.

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Cleaning and sterilizing: total solutions for the pharmaceutical-biotechnology industry.

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Find customized solutions for expert cleaning of all your pharma or biotech manufacturing accessories and equipment.

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