Material Handling Equipment

Dedicated designs based on the items you need to wash and sterilize are necessary to guarantee proper performance. No matter the pieces you’re working with and whatever your space, workflow, quality and budgetary requirements, Belimed racks and trolleys ensure ideal positioning for a superior clean.
Racks are a critical component of washing applications for confidence that all material handling equipment are properly washed both internally and externally. Racks created based on your needs ensure that all residue is removed. By partnering closely with you and starting with a clear understanding of your challenges and requirements, we’ll ensure you have the proper solution for your washing needs.

For autoclaves, trolleys have to be expertly designed for unique applications to guarantee proper sterilization and dryness. Belimed will help you come up with the ideal design based on the specific items you tell us you need to sterilize, thus ensuring airflow and heat distribution over the product.

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