Production Components

You may have any number of items to wash and sterilize at the end of the production process: hoses, filling line pieces, pump components and other diverse related items. You need customized washers and sterilizers designed for not just any pharmaceutical production equipment – but for your production equipment. Belimed has the customer-centric focus to offer just that.
Connection pieces, pipe components and needles are just a few of the items you may need to wash and sterilize. After the production process, when equipment is dismantled for washing, choose a GMP-compliant washer from Belimed’s PH series. You have challenges, including space requirements and throughput expectations, and our flexible product lines and custom-designed racks exist to serve your unique needs.

After washing, our PST sterilizers, consistent with GMP, GAMP, EU and FDA regulations, offer consistent, reliable sterilization you can trust.  Our sterile equipment for next-production batch offer fast cycle times, low media consumption and easy adapting programs for your specific product.

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