PST hot water shower sterilizer (6080)

The PST 6080 sterilizers use the hot-water shower method, ideal for large-volume liquids (LVP) in sealed containers. This method guarantees the shortest batch time for the highest production capacity. State-of-the-art process equipment and Belimed experience stand for high, precise pressure and temperature control for safe and gentile product sterilization.
  • Homogeneous temperature distribution on the market because of highly engineered water distribution into the chamber
  • Short batch time because high performance circulation pumps and heat exchangers
  • Low media consumption because of a water storage system (patent pending)
  • Time or F0 based sterilization
  • Installed direct on a floor or pit mounted
  • All models are equipped with horizontal doors for easy loading/unloading of the chamber, easy maintenance access and safety from hot surfaces when the door is open.
  • Manual, semi- or fully automated loading/ unloading system, easy adaption to customers product dimensions
  • Combined solution with steam air and saturated steam method
  • Additional methods and batch protocol opportunities
  • Connection to MES/ SCADA Systems
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