Operating Rooms

For our customers that require the ability to immediately wash and sterilize instruments or tables in the operating room, Belimed offers cost-effective, high-quality cleaning equipment.

In busy hospital operating rooms, sometimes you need immediate reprocessing solutions for accommodating high or specialized inventory demands and variables such as surgeon-specified instrument sets. For fast turnaround time, Belimed washer-disinfectors and steam sterilizers give you the clean you need in the most efficient manner – with no loss in quality.
For reprocessing urgently needed instruments – like rare, loaner or special ophthalmic sets – Belimed washers and sterilizers offer the small footprint and ease-of-use needed for OR-based workflow.

When you’re reprocessing tables in the operating room, a perfect clean is expected. Replacing manual OR table reprocessing with automated workflow saves valuable time and resources, providing consistent cleaning.

For a superior clean, the WD 750 and CS 750 are designed with innovative technologies, contributing to your facility’s infection prevention program while reducing costs.

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