Medium Chamber Steam Sterilizer

The MST-V hospital sterilizer with vertical sliding doors provides the best prerequisites for professional sterilization of medical devices in the CSSD. With utilization volumes of between 6 and 12 sterile units (SU) and a width of only 99 cm, the MST-V is the most efficient and most compact sterilizer in its class. It complies with all relevant guidelines and standards. It is available in three sizes and can accomodate automation systems for added efficiency and workflow improvement.
• Water-saving and high temperature tolerance technology
• Extended door seal life due to high precision milled sealing slot
• Patented status display with LED technology
• Network-compatible for complete traceability of all process relevant data
• Lowest loading height in its class and Ergonomically designed for ideal loading and unloading, easing staff back strain and repetitive motion
• Designed to be installed side by side allowing efficient use of tight space requirements and with low noise vacuum pump and integrated steam generator.

• Batch rack rail kit for MST
• Batch rack
• Transfer cart
• Pull-out shelves 50%
• Loading and unloading station
• Holding section
• Sterilizer Automation Equipment

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