WD 425

The WD 425 washer-disinfector has been developed for reprocessing medical instruments and flexible and rigid endoscopes. Simultaneous reprocessing of three endoscopes with up to seven channels each that are individually connected and cleaned is truly high performance. The dual system capabilities support the reprocessing of thermo labile endoscopes with individual channel connection, as well as the reprocessing of rigid endoscopes, MIS and OR instruments, anesthesia equipment and various accessories.
  • Racks for various applications, 3 endoscopes simultaneously or up to 8 DIN Sieves
  • Simultaneous reprocessing of three endoscopes all contained in a compact under-counter or freestanding full-glass, high-visibility door system
  • Conformity to EN ISO 15883 -1,2,4, tested and certified by HygCen
  • Efficient single channel rinsing system, high-quality 316L stainless steel chamber with rounded corners, fast and residue-free drainage in every process step
  • Simple endoscope loading and single-channel connection can be done outside of the machine

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