WD 750

The WD 750 sets new standards regarding safety, quality and economic efficiency in large-scale washers-disinfectors. High-quality processing and components, economic design and performance, and integrated, innovative and patented features support workflow.
• EN ISO 15883-1 and -2 compliant (complete automatic drainage of piping, pump, tank, valves and fittings; all surfaces coming into contact with the product are inclined)
• Most compact large-scale washer-disinfector in its class. Easy-to-service, integrated equipment and service compartment also offering space for accommodating media connections and detergent containers
• Horizontal glass sliding doors and cabin illumination for visual control of the washing process as well as patented process status display and double-door push-through model with interlocking doors for separating contaminated/clean area
• Wash and rinse system: electrically driven, oscillating, leak-free supply of the rack with patented, pneumatic connection coupling and stainless-steel circulation pump with 4 kW, 1000 l/min capacity
• Options such as three chamber sizes, pre-heating and storage tanks for water reuse and faster cycle times • Implementation of thermal and chemothermal disinfection techniques
• Universal rack fitted with interchangeable frames for instrument trays, containers, dishes, OR shoes
• Special-purpose racks for various applications, e.g., containers, dishes, OR shoes

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