WD 250

The well-engineered WD 250 washer-disinfector efficiently processes instruments, containers and accessories with its unique high-volume, low-pressure water circulation system. Disinfection can be run with A0 > 3000, in accordance with EN ISO 15883-1. All relevant performance parameters are monitored by the machine via an independent data monitoring system.


 Brochure WD 200 250 290 EN (2.7 MB PDF)

  • Clear and friendly user interface with touch-sensitive controls and unique status display
  • Processes up to 10 DIN trays per load 
  • 90 cm width and front direct service access adjusts easily to any space constraints
  • Dynamic filling adjusts level of water and chemistries to the real load, saving time and money
  •  Easy to clean chamber wash-arms with removable end-caps
  • PFast heating due to powerful 18 kW electrical system



Belimed has a comprehensive line of rack accessories providing a solution for all your reprocessing needs.

  • Racks for various applications, e.g., instruments, AN material, containers, dishes, trays, OR shoes
  • Racks for laboratory utensils
  • Rack with nozzles for various items to be washed
  • Ergonomic transport cart

EN ISO 15883-1, -2

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