WD 290 IQ

Thanks to high machine capacity, flexible automation options and lowest consumption values, the powerful and efficient WD 290 IQ single-chamber system is particularly suitable for use in CSSD.

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  • Unique 18 DIN tray capacity with superior cleaning and drying results
  • 90 cm width, front direct service access
  • Innovative IQ controller for the intuitive use of the WD 290 IQ
  • Two identical, independent screens on loading and unloading side
  • Customizable interfaces, data storage back up and event history
  • Data analyze directly on the screen of the machine
  • Data availability via USB or Ethernet
  • Patented status display with LED technology gives a clear indication of the process progress
  • Automatic switchover from steam heating to electrical heating for the fail-safe operation
  • Up to 55% resource savings thanks to Smart Fill and storage tank 
  • Quick program with 32 min. cycle time

Belimed has a comprehensive line of rack and automation accessories providing a solution for all your reprocessing needs.

  • Racks for various applications, e.g., instruments, AN material, containers, dishes, trays, OR shoes
  • Racks for flexible applications with removable shelfs
  • Racks for laboratory utensils
  • Rack with nozzles for various items to be washed
  • Ergonomic transport cart
  • Automation solutions for a fully automated operation
  • Wide range of accessories for on-site requirements

EN ISO 15883-1, -2

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