WD 150

The WD 150 automatic washer-disinfector was designed for professional use in the hospital, medical practice and laboratory fields. Developed in compliance with EN ISO 15883, the WD 150 is easy to operate and ensures fast and reliable reprocessing of medical devices.


 Brochure WD 150 EN (1.8 MB PDF)

  • Meets the standard of all applicable directives and certified by the independent hygiene institute HygCen
  • High-quality chamber construction and optimized fluid handling for best-in-class cleaning results of medical instruments and equipment
  • Short cycle times due to the high-performance drying and sophisticated tank filling and emptying technology; even faster with optional pre-heated VE-Tank
  • High-throughput of up to 8 instrument trays per hour in an under-counter design
  • Long service life due to durable trap door and premium chamber made of 1.5 mm thick AISI 316L stainless steel
  • Fulfils all criteria for high user comfort; intuitive operation with  patented process status display
  • Racks for various applications, e.g., rigid and flexible endoscopes,  instruments, AN material, trays, OR shoes
  • Racks for laboratory utensils
  • Rack with nozzles for various items to be washed
  • Racks for baby bottles and accessories
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