Belimed donates to Mercy Ships

Thanks to your support we´re able to support the MercyShips organization.

Technopharm 2014 in Nurnberg was a success, not only due to the excellent trade-fair appearance. The Belimed App BeliDash was released. Now it´s possible to explore the world of Belimed on your mobile device.

Linked to a certain amount of downloads during the trade-fair was the promise to contribute a donation to Mercy Ships – a public benefit organization.

Belimed supports Mercy Ships to bring hope and healing to poor countries by mobilizing people and resources worldwide.

In this special case it´s now possible to finance the advanced training of 3 nurses and one assistant.

We are glad to fulfill the promise we made thanks to the support of our partners and Belimed employees.

For further information about the Mercy Ships Organization please visit

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