Belimed Prevent™ Services

Belimed Prevent™ is a standard set of core service and maintenance packages available across all regions and business units, complemented by optional business services. Preventive maintenance of machines and their components is proven to increase the lifecycle of the equipment and your entire facility.

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Even during the warranty phase, a Belimed Prevent™ service contract provides clear advantages such as guaranteed response times to remedy malfunctions and detailed inspection reports on the current status of each machine and its components.

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Life Cycle Management ensures your machines and their components are continuously up-to-date and are optimised over the entire life of the facility.

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Are your machines operating efficiently? Is your reprocessing or production facility operating at peak performance? Do you have your energy costs under control?

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Belimed can monitor and analyse your machine data to assess facility performance, statistical information and diagnose problem areas before they occur.

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