Lifecycle Management

Life Cycle Management ensures your machines and their components are continuously up-to-date and are optimised over the entire life of the facility. With our extended warranty TCO packages, you will also profit from cost planning throughout the entire period of the contract. 

Many of our customers from both the Medical and Life Science sectors, are now focusing on the operating costs for the lifecycle of their facilities (OPEX) to measure equipment performance, as opposed to simply assessing capital expenditure (CAPEX) for new equipment.

Total Cost of Ownership

Belimed can provide extended warranty TCO service contracts for up to 10 years, providing cost transparency and significantly reduced total cost of ownership.  For Belimed customers, our new TCO Calculator offers a new way of thinking and can highlight significant benefits between purchase price and total life cycle costs, especially when viewed across a long ownership period typical for washer-disinfectors and sterilisers.


Migration Solutions

Belimed’s infection control equipment ensures reliable and compliant reprocessing even in harsh environments and where machines are in constant operation. However, even the most modern machines change their performance over time, which increases the risk of incorrect reprocessing. For systems that have been installed for many years, we provide audits, machine optimization and migration solutions with one goal in mind - to prevent unwanted downtime. 


Sustainability and Energy Savings

Whether you are dealing with water, waste or energy – as a long-standing partner of the medical and life science industries, Belimed provides you with proven and innovative solutions which not only help you to improve your environmental impact and carbon footprint, but which also contribute to increased cost efficiency and competitiveness of your business. 


Lifecycle Policy

The Belimed lifecycle policy outlines how we will continue to support customers as we phase-out or migrate older machines with newer technologies, for higher performance. For systems that have been installed for many years, Belimed provides performance audits, machine optimization and migration solutions.

Lifecycle Policy


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