Operational Services

Are your machines operating efficiently? Is your reprocessing or production facility operating at peak performance? Do you have your energy costs under control? These are just a few of the challenges or ‘pain-points’ that our customers face every day. Belimed Operational Services provides support and assistance to manage your facility and ensure that your operational and performance goals are achieved.

Performance optimisation can contribute to significant reductions in operating and service costs throughout each machine’s life span.

Performance Optimisation

Wellness Checks by Belimed technicians provide a detailed assessment of your equipment, including an itemized list of recommended parts and recommendations to bring your machine back to design specifications.



Belimed training courses provide you with the knowledge you need to make Belimed equipment work best for your unique challenges and applications. You will learn about the applications, the machine operation and how to troubleshoot and maintain the equipment. 



The Belimed Protect™ consumables portfolio is specially formulated to boost the cleaning power in our low impingement Washer/Disinfectors. We combine our deep knowledge of sterile processing with unique product and service solutions to drive out cost, improve efficiency, and deliver quality. 



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