Preventive Maintenance Plans

All service contracts should be selected according to your machine usage and the criticality of your facility. Whether your machines run for a few hours per week or 24/7 – you can rely on our help. Our flexible service packages for Healthcare, Laboratories and Life Science facilities can be tailored to suit your needs, expected machine operation and your budget. From occasional support for existing in-house technicians, up to all-inclusive packages, Belimed has a solution for you. 

   Expert Technicians

Our highly skilled, experienced technicians are more familiar than anyone else with the technical details of your Belimed machines. In cases of malfunction or breakdown, our service personnel can quickly identify and resolve the problem. Belimed’s team of expert service technicians will help maintain your equipment performance and prevent costly downtime, over the entire lifetime of your facility. 


   Belimed Spare Parts

Only Belimed certified and approved spare and wear parts can ensure the long-term stability of our machines and maximise plant availability. In the event of a component failure, our Central Spare Parts Warehouses (CSPW) will ensure timely delivery of replacement parts, direct to your door.



Customers with a Belimed  Prevent™ service contract can find information quickly and easily. Our service technicians will always take the time to speak with customers, to explain how the plant is functioning and ask if they need any help or advice. From installation support and spare parts, to technical helpdesks and training: Belimed service and support teams provide everything you need for a successful project.  




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