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A Guide to Belimed’s Cleaning Solutions

Consumables play an integral part in sterile processing. Even a small issue can shut an entire Sterile Processing Department (SPD) down. That’s why Belimed Protect® consumables reinforce our commitment to keeping sterile processing environments highly efficient and healthy. 


About Belimed Protect® Consumable Cleaning Solutions 

Belimed Protect® is a proprietary line of high-performing cleaning solutions and accessories that are designed to maintain efficiency and effectiveness during sterile processing. We believe in producing high-performance products while prioritizing safety. Our line of consumables protects an SPD’s bottom line without sacrificing patient, staff, or environmental safety.


Cleaning Solutions that Engineer Confidence

By choosing Belimed Protect®, you can be confident you’re getting cleaning solutions that share the same levels of quality and excellence as the equipment they support. This optimizes the cleaning performance of your equipment and reduces cycle times. 

Belimed Protect cleaning solutions can also help streamline operations. Our consumables are part of an easy-to-use and comprehensive portfolio of products that facilities already trust. Why seek out another source for consumables when facilities already rely on Belimed for equipment, services, education, and connectivity?


Consumables Formulated with Intention

Belimed Protect consumables utilize multi-enzyme formulations that deliver superior cleaning performance while addressing the often overlooked aspects of everyday use. Our products are intentionally designed to be safe for users and create a better work environment in the CSSD. 

Using subtilisin-free, triple enzyme formulations reduces the risk of respiratory and skin allergic reactions. We don’t use any masking agents in Belimed Protect® consumables, making them suitable for use around individuals with fragrance sensitivities.

Our formulations are also environmentally sensitive. They are made with ingredients that are biodegradable and will not harm aquatic life.  


Types of Belimed Protect® Consumables 

From pre-treatment to sterilization, Belimed Protect® consumables are designed for high performance in every area of your sterile processing environment.


Rely on Belimed Protect® consumables for:

  • Cleaning Solutions for Pre-Treatment
  • Ancillary Consumables
  • Accessories for Consumables


Solutions for Pre-Treatment

Specially formulated foam and liquid pretreatment sprays maintain wetness over time, making them ideal for pre-cleaning and transportation of surgical-grade instruments, reusable items, scopes, and other devices.

  • Enzymatic Pretreatment Foam Spray: Specially formulated multi-enzyme dual foam/liquid pretreatment spray
  • Non-Enzymatic Pretreatment Foam Spray: Dual foam/liquid spray specially formulated for ophthalmic instrumentation


Solutions for Manual and Ultrasonic Washers 

Our concentrated, multi-enzymatic detergents are designed to optimize both the manual and ultrasonic cleaning process. This includes cleaning surgical-grade instruments, reusable items, endoscopes, and other compatible devices. 

  • Manual Cleaning Enzymatic Detergent: Specially formulated to optimize the manual cleaning process
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning Enzymatic Detergent: Specially formulated to optimize the cleaning process in ultrasonic equipment


Solutions for Automated Washers and Disinfectors

Our proprietary, multi-enzyme cleaning solutions help optimize our special low-impingement wash process. They also work well in competitive high-impingement washers. These detergents and lubricants work in harmony during the automated cleaning process to produce consistent results in all water types with just one detergent cleaning step.

  • Washer Disinfector Enzymatic Detergent: Multi-enzyme detergent designed to optimize the cleaning process in automated washer disinfectors
  • Washer Disinfector Enzymatic Detergent, Concentrate PLUS: Highly concentrated multi-enzyme detergent designed to optimize the cleaning process in automated washer disinfectors
  • Lubricant WD: Instrument lubricant formulated for automated washer disinfectors


Solutions for Cart Washers

Belimed cart washer solutions are designed for the automated cart and instrument container cleaning process. They are formulated to be neutral pH and non-enzymatic and assist in quick, spot-free cleaning and turnaround of surgical case carts, containers, and other stainless-steel products.

  • Neutral Non-Enzymatic Detergent: For cleaning case carts and instrument containers in Cart Washers and Washer Disinfectors
  • Cart Rinse: Rinse aid for spot-free case carts and stainless steel products
  • Cart Rinse, Concentrate PLUS: Concentrated cart rinse aid for spot-free case carts and stainless steel products


Ancillary Items

To complete our cleaning solutions portfolio, we provide customers with additional products that support the maintenance of washers and sterilizers. These products also aid in efficient instrument preparation and preservation.

  • Instrument Lubricant
  • Descaler/Delimer
  • Adhesive Remover
  • Rust and Stain Remover
  • Alkaline Detergent
  • Neutralizing Detergent
  • Ophthalmic Neutral Detergent



Belimed Protect® Accessories for Consumables


Belimed has a selection of accessories that provide storage and dosing solutions to complement our consumables.

  • Automated Dosing Pump: Programmable for precise dosing at the sink while measuring temperature and storing data for regulatory documentation
  • Proportioner: Doses water and cleaning solution together for proper detergent dilution with manual cleaning.
  • Wall Mount: This wall mount can hold two 2.5 gallon detergent bottles or three 1-gallon detergents. Bottles are tilted to maximize pull from detergent probes.
  • Corner Guards: Unique reposable resin corner guards prevent rips and tears in wrapped surgical trays. Specially designed for large surgical trays, they will not flatten under heavyweight so they protect the wrap from puncturing tray feet. Extended edges ensure that the corner guards stay in place through sterilization, storage, and transport.


Get Started with Belimed

To learn more about Belimed Protect® cleaning solutions or to set up a consultation, contact Regional Sales at sales.us@belimed.com or call 1.800.451.4118. You can also inquire through our Contact Us form on our website.